Bear With Kids

During her career as a professional painter and portraitist, Miki de Goodaboom has painted many children portraits, and it was always a delightful task. But also a challenge to capture the innocence without falling into kitsch and  that impression of porcelain dolls one often sees in children portraits.

Miki would love now to paint portraits of kids, in which age ever, from babies to teens, with their favourite Teddy bears. Please contact her if you are interested.

  • English Baby Georgia playing in snow with her Spanish Teddy bear Pedro.

Georgia is Truffle’s Auntie Ann’s god daughter, and she gave Georgia Pedro, a Spanish Teddy Bear.

Georgia And Pedro S


  • My Teddy And Me

Painting based on a photo Miki found on the net… unfortunately, she can’t give any credit, she does not know. It conveys exactly what she feels about Truffle, and more generally about all Teddy Bears: unconditional love, tenderness, intimacy, closeness, friendship, complicity, presence, faithfulness, fun and so much more.

My Teddy And Me S