His Friends

Truffle has got many friends, here on Planet Goodaboom. And he hopes that he will make many new friends from all over the world thanks to Go Teddy!

Not all his friends are Teddy Bears, by the way. In fact, so far, most of them are not!


  • Mary The Scottish Sheep

She arrived on Planet Goodaboom many years ago. Truffle’s parents brought her back from a trip to Scotland, she had been abandoned there. She is only 18cm tall, a bit shy and scared of many things. Somehow she is like Truffle’s little sister, and he feels he has to protect her…

Mary The Scottish Sheep S


  • Coconut The Monkey

He is the funniest of all, always making jokes! He is only 20 cm tall, but he looks much bigger. He lives in the palm tree in front of our office, but jumps into our home all the time! Mary the sheep has got a little crush on him…

Coconut S


  • Doggy Daffodil

He has got the most wonderful yellow fur! Miki found him one day in a Daffodil field and he followed her home. He can only speak with flowers, but we all love him all the same!

Doggy Daffodil S


  • Baby Meerkat Oleg

He was sent to Truffle for Christmas by an anonymous friend and travelled  all the way from Russia in a beautiful mug. He is a bit scared of his new world and still sits in his mug, dreaming of snow that never falls on Planet Goodaboom!

Baby Meerkat Oleg S


  • Pierre Lecroc The French Shark

Truffle and Mary met him in the Mediterranean sea, in Benidorm, as they were riding a plastic banana. He is a lovely, dark blue, he does not bite, and has been abandoned by his family because of that. He swam all the way down the coast to us and live now by the beach in Mojacar!

Mary And Truffle McFurry On The Banana In Benidorm S


  • Donko The Donkey Who Might Be A Cow

Donko is very old, and sit all the time on his bottom because he is too weak now to stand on his legs.He lives in the garden of a lovely finca on Planet Goodaboom, in a field of yellow daisies. He does not know, and we don’t know either, if he is a donkey or a cow, so we decided that it does not really matter, much more important is that he is so special! And being so special, he needs a pretty name and so we call him Donko. He likes that very much!

Donko The Donkey Who Might Be A Cow S