Bear With Fame

My Mom Miki loves to paint portraits of people, but she loves to paint Teddy bears even more! She has already painted many human celebrities and now she has the intention to paint celebrity bears!

If you fancy her painting your favourite celebrity bear, or even painting your own Teddy bear alongside celebrity, or a Hard Rock Café bear, or a famous football club bear, or a super-hero bear, stuff like that, please contact me!

I am her manager, you know, and everything that has to do with bears has to go through me!

The only celebrity she has painted so far is Winnie-The-Pooh. She received him as a present from a very dear friend for Christmas. Her friend said:

“He always smiles, he will always make you smile too!”

And smiling and laughing is so important! Anyway we all decided to call him “Sunny”, because he looks so much like a big ray of sunshine! Miki painted him with me , Truffle (in the middle), and one of our brothers, “Caramel” (on the right hand side).


Sunny & Caramel & Truffle McFurry S

And also, if you fancy having your bear painted in a famous painting, photograph of film scene, Miki can do that too@ It could be very funny! Like for example, that painting from Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, with the Madames in The Salon of Rue des Moulins in Paris. Our pink bear Baernadette wanted to be painted among them… very big, she said, because she felt a bit shy among them!

Bearnadette In The Salon In The Rue Des Moulins S