His Brothers And Sisters

We will gradually present you Truffle’s brothers and sisters. They all live with us on Planet Goodaboom.

  • Toulouse

Toulouse was born in France, but he is really Truffle’s brother and lives now with us on Planet Goodaboom. He is 35 cm tall and almost as wide!  His whole body is covered with the most amazing tattoos ever: paintings from the famous artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec!

Toulouse S


  • Bearnadette

She is  30 cm tall, all fluffy and with pink fur! She loves to dress up. She also loves art and football and sweeties and everything pink.

Bearnadette S


  •  Caramel

He is 30 cm tall, and his fur is very light, just like the lightest milk caramel sweeties! He is still very young and does not know what he loves yet!

Caramel Head Portrait S


  • Benjamin Butterscotch

He is the smallest of the family, only 6 cm tall, and his fur is snow white. He is our Little Prince, wears a red scarf like him, and lives in a blue baby boot because he is scared of the world as he was badly hurt once …

Benjamin Butterscotch S


  •  Camembear

He is Truffle’s oldest brother, and by some distance. A very special bear, with a very emotional story… To tell you the truth, he was in fact his GrandMa’s bear,  from his Dad’s side… read here if you want to know how he became Truffle’s brother and what he is doing on Bourbon street in New Orleans!

Bear on Bourbon S copy