Truffle McFurry

Hello Everybody!

My name is Truffle McFurry and I am the Teddy Bear and Son of French artist Miki de Goodaboom. I am 3 years old, 32 cm tall and my fur is dark brown and most of the time, wild and all over the place!

In fact I am her unique son. We have many other Teddy bears at home, but me, Truffle -sometimes she calls me “Truffy”or “Truf”- I am really her first and only son. I call all the others my brothers and sisters, and they are, but only because we love them as if they really were.

Miki called me Truffle, because the day I entered her world, I was wearing nothing else other than a jumper on which was written:

“I love you more than chocolate!”

And because truffles are so delicious. And also because in French, the word “truffe”, meaning truffle, also means the nose of a dog… or of a bear.

Why I suddenly entered her world is a very sad story, the saddest of her entire life. And I simply came to comfort her, and so I did, and still do. She loves and needs me so much! If you want to know the story, please read her post “I Love You More Than Chocolate”

Anyway, you know how artists are,  how they always misuse their children as models for their paintings! And this is why I have become a very painted bear, and with me all my brothers and sisters and pets and toys. And I hope that she will paint many other bears from around the world! And we all become very famous and live for ever in the minds and hearts of everybody!

Go Teddy!


I Love You More Than Chocolate S