Bearnadette In The Salon Rue Des Moulins

By Miki de Goodaboom

Once Truffle McFurry, my very first Teddy Bear, had entered my life, there was no stop any more: I wanted many more bears in my life!

And as my favourite colour is pink, I got “Bearnadette”, a fluffy 30 cm Teddy bear with pink fur! First she only wore a  pink bow around her neck. But Bearnadette is very fashionable and loves to dress up, so I bought her many girl clothes.

Bearnadette loves art too. So the other day, as I came back from a painting trip in Albi, France, I showed her paintings from Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, as he was born in Albi and I had visited his museum. She loved the one with all the pretty Madames in The salon Rue des Moulins and said:

“I want to be there too, it is so beautiful!

I told her that it is a very special place… not really for Teddy Bears… but Bearnadette insisted, and this is when I got a great idea for our new project “Go Teddy!”:

I will paint Teddy bears in famous paintings, photographs or film scenes. You know, like a Teddy Bear instead of Mona Lisa, things like that. Human like to do it sometimes, then why not Teddy bears?

So I painted Bearnadette in the salon, very dressed up, with a hat almost reaching to the roof! She wanted to be painted very tall, as she felt a bit shy among the Madames! I hope you like it!

Bearnadette In The Salon In The Rue Des Moulins S


I Love You More Than Chocolate!

By Miki de Goodaboom
People might have wondered why I am painting Teddy bears. And other toys, and so many of them! They might have thought that I am in fact  “a serious artist”, and wonder what I am doing!
It is not my way to spread  my private life out there, but here, I feel I owe the persons who like me and my art an explanation. It is a story who only a very few people know..
Three years ago I lost my brother and godfather Claude. Suddenly. The ones who went through such a loss know how devastating it is. Yes, I was devastated and I did not know where to find the energy for my own life any more.
This is when my partner Kev Moore went out and came back with that Teddy Bear for me. He was only wearing a little jumper with the words
“I Love you more than chocolate!”
and was looking at me with such immense eyes telling me that he was so sorry, and that he was there for me, always…
He was my first Teddy Bear ever!
I fell in love with that bear and felt indeed an immense comfort. I decided to call him “Truffle McFurry”, because “truffle” in French means as well the nose of an animal as this delicious chocolate sweetie.
And since then, Truffle never left me. And I never left him. When he is by me, Claude is by me too…
And this is why. People might think I have lost my mind to travel around with that little bear, but I have not. I simply love him, and need him, and he always tells me that Claude is still among us… and also that LOVE is around me…
I Love You More Than Chocolate S

Join us In Go Teddy!

By Truffle McFurry

Hello everybody!

I am Teddy Bear Truffle McFurry, son of French professional artist Miki de Goodaboom. We live on a wonderful little Planet called “Goodaboom”, the craziest and smallest Planet of the whole Universe.

Many other creatures live here with us, and they all love Teddy bears. This is why Miki has created this site, “Go Teddy!”, for the love and support of Teddy bears around all the universes.

All of you out there, who love Teddy bears, are invited to join us here. Whoever you are, children, adults, Teddy bears or other creatures, we would love to know your stories, thoughts and adventures from the enchanted world of the Teddy Bears. And if you could share with us your photographs, paintings, short stories or poems, we would be over the moon.

In the meanwhile, Miki is publishing paintings and stories about me, my family and my friends here.

Please contact me through the “Contact” page if you want to be one of us!

I love you all, take care


PS: I love a breakfast in bed, don’t you?

Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed