His Cousins

Truffle has got many cousins around the world. He does not know them all yet, but we will present them as we go!

  • The Twins Mahe And Mikben

They are French cousins, daughter and son from Auntie Françoise, and they live in the beautiful town of Albi. They are her best supporters when she plays a tennis tournament!

Mahe And Mikben S

  •  Doudou Chou

He is the twins’ little brother. He is really small, and has beautiful turquoise fur. He was lost for a long time, but they found him again! Here he is, with the twins and their Nanny “Coffee Olé”.

THe French Cousins From Albi S

  • Caramel

Not to be confused with Truffle’s brother Caramel! This Caramel is a very special bear. He is the son from Auntie Françoise too, and has got a harelip as a result of the house dog, Douchka, playing with him. Now Douchka is very ashamed and has taken Caramel under her protection, and hardly leaves his side!

Douchka And Caramel S


  • Coco Nofrio

He is Truffle’s big cousin from America, the son of Auntie Pamaretto. He was his first cousin, and once Coco took the plane and flew all the way from America to visit us! Truf’ became so emotional and even had a T-Shirt made with the words “I Love Coco”!

Coco Nofrio And Truffle McFurry S

  • Baby Bear

She is Coco Nofrio’s cute little sister, Auntie Pamaretto’s daughter. She is holding in her hands a  beautiful giant purple cupcake with a cherry on top and with the words written on it ” World’s Best Mom”. Well, Baby Bear was a gift to Auntie Pamaretto, from her daughter…

Baby Bear S



  • Marlon Blanco

Marlon was born in Spain, but lives in the UK now, and is the son of Auntie Ann. He wears a red scarf around his neck and always holds his big heart in his hands, like his mother!

Marlon Blanco And Truffle McFurry S

  • William

William was born in the UK in 1996, lives right now in Spain and is the son of Auntie Ann. He has a very interesting personal story!

William S

  •  Benjamin

He is Truffle’s oldest cousin, about 56 years old! A proud age, isn’t it? He is Auntie Ann’s son and lives in the UK. Read about him here!

Benjamin And Little Ann On Their Way In Scotland S