His Enemies

Truffle has a very peaceful and loving nature, and always try to get along with everybody. But sometimes this is really not possible!

  • The Animal Killers

Truffle really hates them all! Last year, you might remember when somebody killed Lion Cecil, Truffle even went on the street with his friends to demonstrate, asking “Justice For Cecil”, even though he was badly wounded after having fallen out of the bed!

Juctice For Cecil S


  • The Minions

It all started when one day his Dad came back from a gig in Germany and brought back a weird thing called “Minion” holding a banana in his hand. The thing spends his time chasing Truffle through the house waving his banana with a sadistic smile on his ugly face, as he wanted to beat him!

And then Truffle saw the Minions everywhere, a real invasion. And one day in Benidorm he saw a whole army of them, the most terrible thing being that the one in front was holding a poor little bear in its hand, as if he was a toy!!!

The Invasion Of The Minions S


  •  Wendy Testaburger

Yes, it is such a thing with Wendy, She is not really Truffle’s enemy, but she scares him. She is stalking him, kind of, hiding behind everything and spying on him all the time. He does not like that. It might be that she has got a crush on Truffle, but he certainly doesn’t, she is totally not his type!

Wendy in Vase Park S