His Heroes

Truffle is a bit young to have heroes, but he has got some already. A very eclectic world of celebrities!

  • The Rams

Now, they were his very first heroes, the footballers from DCFC, Derby County Football Club,  Truffle’s Dad’s club since and for ever! Truffle has got all the gear and wears it when a game is on and believes it will bring them luck. Now, the luck is like his heroes results: very RAMdom!

We Are The Rams S

  • Noel Edmonds

Do you know Noel? He hosts the TV game “Deal Or No Deal” in the UK. Truffle adores him! He says he is so funny and so kind, and so involved! He has empathy with the players and he knows how to listen. Truffle wishes, everybody were as kind and funny as Noel! And Truffle knows better: he played the game once!

Truffle at Deal Or No Deal S

  • The Little Prince

Truffle loves The Little Prince and has read the book over and over. For Christmas Miki has given him a big telescope and sometimes Truffle goes upon the roof and looks through his telescope and tries to see the Little Pince on his Planet. And one night, he did see him… in company of ET!!!

The Little Prince And ET S

  •  The Firemen

Truffle admires the firemen so much! But the firemen always try to save the people first and so many animals die too in the forests and in the fields when there are fires in Andalucia. Last summer, Truffle decided to do a fireman training and to create a special fire brigade, called “Los Bombearos”. to save the animals from the fire..
PS: In Spain, they call the firemen, “Los Bomberos”. But being a bear, “bomBEARos” is such a good name! You get it?

Fireman Truffle McFurry S