His Mom And His Dad

  • His Mom

She calls herself Miki de Goodaboom. She is a French artist, but lives now on Planet Goodaboom, hence the name.

She does not like to speak about herself, she says her paintings say it all. But once she wrote this poem about herself:

I prefer dancing on a volcano rather than to sit at home!
I love the colour, the contrast, the ordered chaos, the desert and the ocean
And all that, always, fairly strewn with humour and chocolate flakes!

And who ever you are, what ever you do, which ever language you speak,

I will be happy to have you on board in my boat floating upon the seas of all our universes…”

And if you want to know why she loves to paint Teddy Bears, please read the story of Truffle McFurry entering her life, in her post “I love You More Than Chocolate”

If you want to see how she paints the world, please visit her website goodaboom.com

Self Portrait with Mouse S

  • His Dad

Truffle’s Mom calls him “The English Rocker” – and this is what he is indeed: a professional Rocker!  He sings, he plays the bass, and many other instruments too. He also writes beautiful songs.

And he does not write only beautiful songs, he can write many things very well, about music, or whatever.

And not only that. He is an artist too! On Planet Goodaboom we love what he paints, all so bold and funny and so full of nice details! In our home many of our walls are covered with his stuff. It is so fun to live among all his characters.

Here is one of his paintings, “Bass Boi”. A kind of self-portrait, except that his hair is a bit longer and curly.

BassBoi S