Bear With Miki

My Mom, Miki de Goodaboom, loves to paint everything she finds beautiful!

But more than anything else, she loves to paint me and all my Teddy Bear brothers and sisters from around the world!

So, if you want her to paint YOUR Teddy bear, either  because you would like to commission from her of a portrait of your beloved Bear, or just because you fancy it, then simply contact us and send us a photo! Whatever you decide, we will be very happy to meet you!Here are some further ideas for you: you might want a painting of your Teddy bear with your child… or with your pet… or with yourself! Just ask us, Miki loves to paint all that stuff!

Here is a group portrait she recently did of me, two of my brothers and my French cousins from Albi, in the South of France!

THe French Cousins And Truffle S