Go Golliver

Here on Planet Goodaboom, we are feeling and thinking very strongly about the “Gollow*gs”. We understand and agree that the name is offensive, but not the dolls themselves. They are incredibly cute, and have been loved and are still loved by many people around the world. For us it is clear: they should survive!!! And we would love everybody who had his own Golli story to share it with us!

We have renamed Truffle’s friend with the name “Golliver” because he loves to travel!

Gollivers Travel S


When we were visiting the big city of York, there was a shop in which we met some Gollies. They were all together in a basket, they look incredibly cute! Miki painted them, and people in Australia love them so much that they buy phone cases and pillows with our Golly friends from York on them!

Whitby Gollivers S

We met other wonderful Gollies in the lovely town of Truro, in Cornwall in England. They were sitting together among lovely cushions full of colours. We would have loved to adopt them, but we had so many adopted teddies to bring back in our suitcases, we could not. We hope they will find a nice loving family…


Truro Gollies S