Bear With Hard Rock Cafés

For many years, Truffle’s Dad – Kev Moore, The English Rocker- and Truffle’s Mom -Miki de Goodaboom, the French artist- have always visited the local Hard Rock Cafés, whenever there was one where they travelled. They enjoyed looking at all the Memorabilia exhibited in these places, enjoyed the food, and, last but not least, before leaving, the obligatory visit to the shop, in search of some nice commemorative T-Shirt for Kev who is collecting them.
And Miki, from the moment Truffle entered her life, her eyes were only attracted by the Hard Rock Café bears… unfortunately, at the beginning, Truffle was very jealous and scared that another Teddy could take his place in her heart, so she never dared getting one. Yes, these jealousy things are so tough to handle, and Teddy bears are no different in that matter! Instead, she tried persuading the shop attendants to sell her the hoodies or shirts they Teddies wore, but they never did: they were only available with the bears.

And now, Truffle has understood that he does not need to be jealous.. but… will they ever visit a Hard Rock Café again? In the meanwhile Miki would love to paint a series of these bears, so she is asking you all, who have such a Hard Rock Café Teddy, and would like to share him and his story with her and Truffle and the world: PLEASE contact Truffle, or leave a photo and the connected story in the comment thread. We all on Planet Goodaboom would love that so much!

To start with, and to show you what she mean with that new series,  Miki painted A French Teddy bear from the Hard Rock Café in Paris, France…

Paris Hard Rock Cafe Bear S