I Love You More Than Chocolate!

By Miki de Goodaboom
People might have wondered why I am painting Teddy bears. And other toys, and so many of them! They might have thought that I am in fact  “a serious artist”, and wonder what I am doing!
It is not my way to spread  my private life out there, but here, I feel I owe the persons who like me and my art an explanation. It is a story who only a very few people know..
Three years ago I lost my brother and godfather Claude. Suddenly. The ones who went through such a loss know how devastating it is. Yes, I was devastated and I did not know where to find the energy for my own life any more.
This is when my partner Kev Moore went out and came back with that Teddy Bear for me. He was only wearing a little jumper with the words
“I Love you more than chocolate!”
and was looking at me with such immense eyes telling me that he was so sorry, and that he was there for me, always…
He was my first Teddy Bear ever!
I fell in love with that bear and felt indeed an immense comfort. I decided to call him “Truffle McFurry”, because “truffle” in French means as well the nose of an animal as this delicious chocolate sweetie.
And since then, Truffle never left me. And I never left him. When he is by me, Claude is by me too…
And this is why. People might think I have lost my mind to travel around with that little bear, but I have not. I simply love him, and need him, and he always tells me that Claude is still among us… and also that LOVE is around me…
I Love You More Than Chocolate S

7 thoughts on “I Love You More Than Chocolate!

  1. Je trouve cette histoire très touchante et lorsque l’on sait à quel point Kev et toi aimez le chocolat, cette phrase “je t’aime plus que le chocolat” est un symbole extrêmement fort de l’amour qui t’entoure et celui que tu portais à ton frère. Non, you did not lost your mind, Miki, ne quitte jamais Truffle : par ses grands yeux, c’est un peu Claude qui te regarde….

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  2. I’m so glad you shared your story. I remember when you first came into Mikalina’s life, and I love that she takes you along on all her travels. I adore seeing the photos of you in all those exotic places. And certainly, I love seeing your ever=expanding wardrobe! Cheers! Coco Nofrio

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  3. This is a bitter sweet just like chocolate! I remember when you told me about Claude and how Truffle came into your life and has given you such love and comfort. As you know Truffle has helped me through some dark days too. If it wasn’t for his Facebook page I would probably never have found you. I am so lucky to have met such wonderful new friends. Yes love is all around ❤️

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    • Yes, Ann, YOU are one of the very few I told the story of Truffle entering my life. It is amazing that that little bear has helped us both and brought us together… somehow he is kind of magic, our Truffle!


  4. Thank you for sharing. Your painting of your beautiful little Truffle McFurry is absolutely endearing. I love how you captured emotion in his eyes. And his background is beautiful. I’m glad you have your little friend for comfort.

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  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful and so heart-felt comment, Ranae! It means so much to me that you understand how much my little Truffle means to me… he is there for me everyday, with his beautiful eyes looking at me with so much love and sometimes, so much worry.. then I cuddle him, very tight, and life is better again! 🙂 Truffle himself thank you very much too, he was thrilled that you wrote such sensitive words about him! Miki & Truffle


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