Never Trust A Skinny Cook

By Miki de Goodaboom (Text & Illustration)

in September 2017 I was on a painting trip in Wales, and eagerly looking to adopt some new Teddy Bears. This is when I suddenly met one of these Ted Characters. They are mostly standing bears, usually wearing a large slate around their neck, or some kind of sign, on which is always written something cleverly funny.

I fell in love with that bear, unfortunately he was not free for adoption. But since then, I met some others, and adopted a lot. To find one of them is always a deep joy for me and my beloved teddy Truffle McFurry.

I have decided to paint them all, at least to try. I called the series “Inspirational Teddies”. Simply because they are so inspirational, in many senses, artistically and psychologically to say the least!

I started the series with the last one that entered our home, a lovely cook girl which Kev Le Chat brought me back from Stroud in the UK, for Christmas. When he is over there, he is always on a Teddy bear mission, and he is very good at finding the rare pearls!

PS: if you have one of them, I would be over the moon to receive a photo and to paint him/her.

Never Trust A Skinny Cook S

(Prints of all sorts are available. Click on the painting to go to Miki de Goodaboom’s shop online)


My First Advent Calendar

By Truffle McFurry

(Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom)

I am so over the moon!

This year my parents have decided that I should have an advent calendar! So my Dad went to the nice big shop downstairs, “Home Sweet Home”, that shop where he had  adopted me almost 5 years ago now. And he got me a beautiful calendar, with a fabulous Santa on it and all the 24 doors.

So today I put on my nice Christmas cardigan, it was a gift from my Grand-Ma last year.  And then we three sat around the calendar and we opened the first door. It was a very important ceremony, and we took all the time of the world to do it.

Behind the door there was a very cute chocolate snowman. Better than what was behind Auntie Ann’s door: she got a Minion!

There was also the letter H, and a picture of a reindeer in the snow. It is very nice. I don’t know what the letter “H” means… perhaps it means “Happy”? I am certainly very HAPPY! Can’t wait to open the next door tomorrow!

Love you all

Take Care

Truffle xxx

Advent Calendar For Truffle McFurry S


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An UnBEARable Journey

By Kev Le Chat

{Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom)

Kev le Chat here everybody, with another teddy bear tale…As you may know, I travel the world performing, and when I’m not performing, I look for Teddy Bears for “Go Teddy!”

Well, some weeks ago, I was beginning a very long journey back to Spain. It began with a train. The first of several. Now, this train was a local train, and wasn’t late at all. It got me into Swindon station perfectly on time, late at night.

Swindon station at night normally has hardly any staff, so I was surprised to find an usually large amount, milling around the help desk and the platforms.  I asked one of them if he knew if the late service to Paddington ( yes, Paddington!) had a buffet car onboard, where I could get a coffee. He immediately apologised and went and fetched me two bottles of water. When I offered to pay,  he said “Oh no, it’s been a terrible day, and you’ve had a lot of inconvenience”.

Now, I was very happy to get the free drinks, but rather confused. I hadn’t had a terrible day at all!  I sat down in the waiting room and well, waited. I suppose that’s what they’re for.

I looked up at the screen that tells you about all the trains, and noticed that virtually every one heading in the direction of Wales, was delayed, and some by a large amount. I decided that the man who gave me the water thought I was heading in that direction. Funny really, I don’t look Welsh. Well, except for my pet dragon.

I’m kidding I don’t have a pet dragon.


Anyway, MY train looked like it was going to be on time. But then the screen changed, and a horrible message appeared:


This was terrible! I now understood why there was so many staff at the station – to deal with the chaos a sad incident like this causes.  I looked at the screen again. This time, there was a slight delay to my train, about 5 minutes.

Now, I was quite excited about going via Paddington, because  I had a mission. I had heard that there was a ‘Paddington trail’ there, with wonderful statues, celebrating one of the most famous bears in the world! I could almost taste the marmalade sandwiches, as I imagined taking lots of photos for GoTeddy!

I looks at the screen again. Now it was 17 minutes late….oh dear. It was now around 22.30.. Eventually, it arrived, as promised, 17 minutes late. Also, as promised, the buffet car was closed.

As we hurtled through the night towards London, I sat back and relaxed. Plenty of time to wander around Paddington station and take photos, I thought, before I have to head to Victoria for my train to Gatwick airport.

Then, the train slowed….and stopped. Near Didcot Parkway. An announcement revealed that this was in fact where the poor person had been hit by a train.

We didn’t move for some time, and eventually, after long delays, I arrived in Paddington station more than an hour late, and with barely minutes to catch the night bus to Victoria. I sprinted out if the station without seeing neither hide nor hair of a bear!

Also, I missed the bus. Then it started raining. Eventually, a bus arrived and I got on. It dropped me somewhere near Victoria station, which seemed to be surrounded by workmen and barriers. So much so, that I couldn’t find a way in! After about 15 minutes of circumnavigating it,  I found an entrance! I had already missed my train, so was in panic mode. I started to walk in…and was stopped by two rather stern-looking security officers.
” The station is closed, Sir”
“What!?” I exclaimed, “but it’s a main railway station in the capital city, and it’s raining out here!”
They were unmoved.
“It’s closed for cleaning.”
“Well, can’t you clean around me?”
But they were having none of it.

So there I was, no Paddington photos, cold and wet outside Victoria station, hoping they would open early enough to get the next train.

In the event, they did. At a quarter to three in the morning, fifteen minutes before my next possible train. I ran towards the platform barriers, and inserted my ticket. The machine spat it out.  Of course, my ticket was specifically for the earlier train! Nightmare!

I was determined however…I decided on a different tack, and went to the manned barrier instead, gambling on the possibility that the guy was as tired at that time of day as I was, and I vaguely waved my ticket at him. He let me through!

So it came to pass that my final train did in fact deliver me to the airport in time. But as I wandered through the terminal, I was a bit down that I hadn’t managed to get any photos of the fabulous Paddington trail.

But then suddenly, I came upon the Harrods store, and there, in front of me, dressed as a Harrods doorman, was the biggest Teddy Bear I’d ever seen!  He was delightful, and I immediately took his picture. However, my delight didn’t end there, they sold LEMON CURD! Well,  everyone knows that bears and Kev le Chat LOVE lemon curd, so I bought two jars to take back to Planet Goodaboom. As I wandered through the shop, I also found…a HUGE pile of Paddington Bears!  What a lovely surprise after such a stressful day!

Harrods Big Bear S

Matilda And The Lemon Curd Shortbread

By Truffle McFurry

(Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom)


Today I am very sad… It is my Dad’s birthday, and he cannot be with me. He did come home to spend a bit of time with me, but not much… I was happy to see him, of course, but it is not the same when I know he has to go away again…

I told you already, yesterday evening we met Auntie Ann, from the UK, and we had a fabulous time! I had put my green camouflage clothes on, you know, because I am famous now, and I wanted to go incognito to the lovely beach cafe in Mojacar. But when I arrived there, I noticed that there was hardly anything green around, apart from the palm trees and they are anyway in the sky! Clear that these clothes were made in the UK… here in Mojacar you need blue camouflage, because of the blue sea and the blue sky everywhere!

Auntie Ann brought us a wonderful porcellan mug from England, with a cute Teddy bear on it. She is called Matilda. I don’t know who is Matilda though, the bear or the mug. And she also brought us an amazing tin, on which is written:
“All butter lemon curd & almond shortbread rounds”

As Miki saw me so sad, she decided to make me a hot chocolate in the new mug, and to have some cookies with it… she even painted a heart with cream on the hot choc! Well, I tell you they are the most amazing cookies I have ever eaten!

And then I asked Miki to paint it all, and she kind of lost the plot… she is sad too, you know… she totally miscounted the hours on the wall clock, painted 14 instead of 12. As I told her she said:

“Sometimes one needs more time in life!”

And she even forgot the hands on the clock! I did not say anything about it… I guess time stood still in her heart…

But I asked her to write the make of the cookies very big on the tin, because it is a good advertising for them and we might get many freebies!!!

Thank you Auntie Ann, for the great time and the lovely gifts, you are the best Auntie in the whole world!

Matilda And The Lemon Curd Shortbread S