The Stonegates Teddy Bear Shop In York

By Truffle McFurry

(Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom)

Hallo everybody!

We are very busy here writing many books!

One of the books will be about York, that big city we visited last year. There was a wonderful teddy bear shop there. I was the first time I was in a shop where they only sell Teddy Bears, I was very impressed.


Here is what I write in the book:

“…We arrived then at the Teddy bear shop. In front of it there was a very big bear, much bigger than me, much bigger than my Mom and Auntie Ann, much bigger than everyone around. And he was kind of scary. From inside my bag I gave with my paw three little shots in my Mom’s back. Her and me, we have a secrete code. When I want something I should give her some little shots. Three means that I am scared and that I want to go away. One means that I want to rescue a bear. And so on…

… there was a little cute girl with the scary giant bear. She was having a photo with him. I thought, if a little girl can do that, I can do it too. I am a tough boy, me! So, I asked my Mom to take a photo of me sitting on the big bear! She was so proud of me, again I was stronger than my fears. She always ask me to. She says, nobody and nothing will be able to hurt me then in my life…”

If you want to know more, you will have to buy the book when it is out!

Take care, love you all, xxx

Truffle McFurry

Stonegates Teddy Bear Shop S





My Teddy And Me 05

By Miki de Goodaboom

(Illustration based on a photograph by “Auntie Nelle”, from France)

I have recently started a series of paintings featuring children in emotional and intimate connection with their Teddy Bears.

Here is a new one: a little French boy sleeping between his big bear “Caramel” and his fish “Merlu”. As I saw the photograph so kindly sent to me by his mother Nelle, I was so much under the charm. I did feel how soothing the bear and the fish were for the little boy. They looked like as if they were building a nest around him, protecting him from the whole world and allowing him to have a peaceful sleep. … simply wonderful!


My Teddy And Me 05 S

My Teddy And Me 04

By Miki de Goodaboom

I had a very happy childhood, great parents, great brothers, great cousins,  great friends, great places where we lived, great holidays every year… and yet, looking backwards, I think there are two things I haven’t had which are important in the life of a child:

  1.  A Teddy Bear (of course!)
  2. Somebody reading me stories before sleeping.

Now, I don’t know why I had none of them. The Teddy, I guess, is because in France, at least in those days, they rather gave dolls to girls, and bears to boys… and I hated dolls!

As for the story telling, I have no idea why not. Fact is that even now, in my “old age” of 61, I adore it when my partner tells me a story before sleeping. It has a deep soothing effect on me and I do fall asleep fast immediately then… me who has normally such difficulties to fall asleep because my brain does not want to rest. Of course, it is a bit frustrating: I never hear the end of the stories!

I did this new painting of the the series “My Teddy And Me” with this in mind… how cool would it have been (and still would be!) to have a bear who reads stories to me before sleeping! Wondering if I should teach my beloved Truffle McFurry to read?…

My Teddy And Me 04 S

My Teddy And Me 03

By Miki de Goodaboom

(Based on an anonymous photo)


As I said yesterday, I started a series of paintings, called “My Teddy and Me”. featuring all kind of people -babies, children, adults, old people- in emotional interaction with a Teddy bear.

I love to paint these artworks, as they exactly represent my own connection with Truffle McFurry, and more generally, with all Teddy bears. One of my dreams concerning this site “Go Teddy!” is that people around the world contact me and send me their own photos so that I can work on real personal photos, not being forced to help myself with anonymous photos from the the net.

But well, even anonymous, I am still trying to convey real and very personal feelings through these paintings. In this new one, my intention was to let you in into that deep conversation between that cute baby and his giant Teddy!


My Teddy And Me 03 S


My Teddy And Me 02

By Miki de Goodaboom

(Illustration based on an anonymous photo)


I recently painted “My Teddy And Me 01”, featuring a baby boy and his teddy as best mates. Well, teddy bears are not only for babies, and I think there is no age to be best mates with your Teddy Bear. My own Teddy Truffle McFurry and me are the best examples!

I think I will paint a series of all kind of people in all ages with their Teddies, as it is a beautiful motif very dear to my heart.


My Teddy And Me 02 S

My Teddy And Me 01

By Miki de Goodaboom

(Illustration based on a photo by Anonymous)

I cam across that photograph on the internet some time ago, as I was searching to buy clothes for my Teddy Bear Truffle McFurry. I think I found it in a Teddy shop, but I don’t know any more. Therefore I am very sorry not to be able to give the credit to the photographer!

Anyway, the image touched me very deeply and I had to paint it. It conveys exactly what I feel about Truffle, and more generally about all Teddy Bears: unconditional love, tenderness, intimacy, closeness, friendship, complicity, presence, faithfulness, fun and so much more.

I would adore to paint more motifs from that style, children with their Teddies, adults with their Teddies, pets with their Teddies, teddies with their Teddies… so please, if you have some nice photograph featuring such things, share them with me!


My Teddy And Me S