Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip At Newby Hall

By Miki de Goodaboom (Text and Illustration)

One of the settings which most impressed us when we were visiting Gyles Brandreth’s Bear House at Newby Hall in the UK, was the royal balcony. Gorgeous bears meaning to represent the royal family were standing there and waving to the crowd. It was so beautiful!

For some reason, one could really recognise Queen Elizabeth in that cute teddy with the blue dress and hat.

As for Prince Philip, I am not that sure. I suppose it was him, but the teddy standing next to the Queen had so much “hair”… well, I guess it is not easy to find a half- bold Teddy! But the ears certainly do the job… 🙂





By Ann La Mar, from the UK

(Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom)

William came to live with us in 1996. I remember this because he came with our new car,  a Vauxhall Corsa, which was a special edition for the Euro 96 Football Tournament.

William’s  name is after my grandfather who in 1996 celebrated his 100th birthday. He had a lovely party and received a telegram from Her Majesty The Queen.

William has lived in Spain since 2009 along with his brothers Churro and Benjamin..

PS: Miki hopes she won’t be put in jail for forging Queen’s signature in the painting!!!


William S