By Truffle McFurry

(Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom )


Hello everybody, Truffle here!

Yesterday I said in my Facebook page that Miki would stop for a long time to paint Teddy Bears, because we we go soon on a painting trip to Portugal, and when we come back, she would have to paint serious stuff like boats, houses, churches, streets, etc… People buy this kind of things, you know, but they don’t buy Teddy bear paintings, and Miki has to earn money for us.

But today she could not resist… she did another one! She really can’t live without us! We saw this one while we were in the South of France, last time, in a lovely village called Cordes-sur-Ciel.

It means Cordes-upon-Sky. I don’t why, because we were climbing and climbing and we never arrived above the sky. But the name is nice. She and my Dad were impressed by the  monuments, but me, I don’t really like old stones,  I much more prefer the toy shops. There was a lovely one in Cordes-sur-Ciel, full of old toys, as old as the stones. Most of them were white, as if they were made out of snow. Or of clouds.  They were so cute!

I wanted so much the little dog with the black spots, but Miki said a very loud NO. She said, dogs are nice, yes, but if we had a dog, we wouldn’t be able to travel where we want any more. Dogs are not like Teddy Bears, she said, one can’t take them everywhere… and one cannot abandon them again when we don’t need them any more…

I called that Bear “Bear-sur-Ciel”… a lovely name for a French bear, isn’t it?

Bear-sur-Ciel S


A Bike For Cousin Marlon Blanco

By Truffle McFurry

(Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom)

This is a special post for my lovely cousin Marlon Blanco, from the UK. But everybody else can read it, of course!

Last week his Mom, Auntie Ann, sent me a photo of poor Marlon sitting at the bottom of a beautiful crochet bike on the Tour de Yorkshire. He wanted to race the Tour on that bike, but the bike was much too big for him!

I suddenly remembered another lovely bike that I saw In France, during our last trip. A white rabbit was selling it, among other things, at the corner of a street in a village by Albi. If I had known Marlon would want a bike so much, I would have bought it for him. Mind you, everything is so expensive is France, and I have only 2 Euros in my Piggy Bank, sure it would have not been enough!

But I was thinking, if Auntie Ann cannot do a crochet bike for Marlon, and we cannot either, perhaps Marlon’s Dad could make one for him, out of wood, like the French one? And perhaps even In the bright yellow and blue colours of the Tour de Yorkshire?

Anyway, Marlon, Miki painted this bike for you. So, at least you have got one now, even if it is only on the paper! We hope you like it!



A White Rabbit On A Bike S