The Champ Skier

By Teddy “The Champ Skier”

(Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom, based on a photograph of The Champ by Jo Du Nor)

Hello ! I am Jo “The Champ’ Skier” Teddy.
You know it has snow a lot in French Alps, so yesterday I decided to go to ski.
It was cold but I made a descent of so fast ski as I lost my woollen cap !
If you found it, give it back to me and I will invite you to share a friendly cup of hot chocolate.
See you !

Hallo Champ, here is Miki. I have found your cap, but it is too high up for me to get it, I am too small. Can you spot it on the painting? I hope Jo can get it for you, h is tall!

But even if I can’t get it, I have found it. So, I think I still have earned a friendly cup of hot chocolate, haven’t I?

Ski Champ S


Georgia And Pedro

By Ann La Mar, from the UK

(Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom, based on a photo provided by ClaireBear)


I was so excited to be Georgia’s god mother and that Claire thought I was up to this task! I bought Pedri for her in Spain. I told him all about Claire and what wonderful cakes she bakes. Chocolate cake, cup cakes and carrot cake really made Pedro want to go to the UK very quickly. It was the marzipan on the Battenburg cake that got him excited, he loved almonds.

So he came on the plane with me and was taken by car to Claire’s “House of Cakes” where he and Georgia have been friends ever since. Now Georgia has grown up, she helps with baking cakes so Pedro has a continuous supply of his favourite cakes… one very happy bear!

Georgia And Pedro S