Big White Rabbits And Teddy Bears In An English Flowershop

By Miki de Goodaboom

(Illustration based on a photograph by “Go Teddy!”‘s reporter Kev Le Chat)

“Go Teddy!” ‘s reporter Kev Le Chat sent me that charming photo from his recent bear photo safari in Derby, in the UK.

I was amazed that the giant rabbit and the little bears were sold in a flower shop… amazed and very pleased as I have the feeling that Teddy Bears are taking the whole world over. One can see them everywhere nowadays!

My Own Teddy Truffle McFurry was a bit upset though… never saw such a big rabbit and such tiny bears, and he said, somehow it is not right. I tried the usually comforting phrase, telling him that it does not matter, that it is never a matter of quantity in life, but of quality. He said:

“No, it is not true… there are many bears around the world, a big quantity, and each of them is huge quality, and the world would not be such a beautiful world without all these bears!”

Again he is right, my lovely Truffy… Anyway, what upset him, is what made me want to paint this motif: I loved the contrast between the rabbit and the bears sizes!.

Big White Rabbit And Teddy Bears In A Flower Shop S


A Bike For Cousin Marlon Blanco

By Truffle McFurry

(Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom)

This is a special post for my lovely cousin Marlon Blanco, from the UK. But everybody else can read it, of course!

Last week his Mom, Auntie Ann, sent me a photo of poor Marlon sitting at the bottom of a beautiful crochet bike on the Tour de Yorkshire. He wanted to race the Tour on that bike, but the bike was much too big for him!

I suddenly remembered another lovely bike that I saw In France, during our last trip. A white rabbit was selling it, among other things, at the corner of a street in a village by Albi. If I had known Marlon would want a bike so much, I would have bought it for him. Mind you, everything is so expensive is France, and I have only 2 Euros in my Piggy Bank, sure it would have not been enough!

But I was thinking, if Auntie Ann cannot do a crochet bike for Marlon, and we cannot either, perhaps Marlon’s Dad could make one for him, out of wood, like the French one? And perhaps even In the bright yellow and blue colours of the Tour de Yorkshire?

Anyway, Marlon, Miki painted this bike for you. So, at least you have got one now, even if it is only on the paper! We hope you like it!



A White Rabbit On A Bike S