Baby Bear

By Miki de Goodaboom

(Illustration based on a photo by PamPam La Rue)

Mother’s day is coming soon in the USA, next Sunday, the 8th of May this year. So I thought it would be the best occasion to present you “Baby Bear”.

Baby Bear is one of Truffle’s American cousins, a daughter of Auntie Pamaretto. She is so cute that when you look at a photo of her, you want her to leap out of the photo so you can cuddle her… and eat her cupcake, says Truffle! Truffle never met her in person, and perhaps it is better this way, as I guess he would never let her go back to America, so adorable she is!

Baby Bear is holding in her hands a  beautiful giant purple cupcake with a cherry on top and with the words written on it ” World’s Best Mom”. Well, Baby Bear was a gift to Auntie Pamaretto, from her daughter, and she must know what a great Mom she is! Truffle surely knows that Auntie Pamaretto is one of the World’s best Aunties!

Baby Bear lives among books about Italy. Books telling about the story of Ancient Rome, about the Etruscans, about Who was Who in Rome, about new Italian poets, much clever stuff like that. But the most clever and beautiful book ever about Rome, “Bridge Of Sighs And Dreams” was actually written by… Auntie Pamaretto herself! Yes, Baby Bear is so proud to have such an amazing author as a Mom. And not only that: Auntie Pamaretto is a brilliant artist too!

Baby Bear S



2 thoughts on “Baby Bear

  1. Ciao Mikalina and Truffle, Tanti grazie!!! Miki, your painting of Baby Bear is just so adorable!!! You made me cry tears of love and gratitude! Today was a difficult day, and this beautiful painting and your helpful promotion of my art and my book was timed perfectly! Thank you so much for your love and friendship and for all the help you offer in helping me get my paintings on Fineartamerica. Also thank you for purchasing so many of my prints. It is more than an honor to have an artist of your high esteem, actually want my paintings in your home. Love you! Tanti, tanti baci!


  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, Pamaretto! Baby Bear is so adorable, you are lucky to have her with you… as well as your beautiful and so kind daughter who gave her to you! Big Hugs to the whole family! Tanti Baci! Miki & Truffle


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