To Cuddle And Dream

By Miki de Goodaboom

(based on a photograph by Kev le Chat)

One of my star photographers at “Go Teddy!”, Kev Le Chat, spent last week some days in Aue, Germany, and sent me a charming photograph, taken in the corridor just outside his hotel room.

The words on the blackboard, “Zum Kuscheln und Traeumen”, mean “To Cuddle And Dream”. I am wondering if the lovely plush toys are meant to be taken to their rooms by the hotel guests, if they need something like that. If so, what a wonderful idea! One might argue that Teddy Bears and other Plush animals are something very personal, and that it is perhaps not very hygienic to handle them from person to person, but well, many things in our lives are handled from hands to hands and we don’t care… money for example! 🙂

Thanks Kev le Chat, this motif is really a pearl for Go Teddy!

To Cuddle And Dream S



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