The Bears From The Yorkshire Moor 03

By Miki de Goodaboom

(Illustration based on a photograph by “Go Teddy!” s reporter Ann La Mar)

This will be my third and last painting of these wonderful creatures which are the Teddy Bears from the Yorkshire Moor. At least for now. In August this year I will travel to Yorkshire and visit them in person, introduced by “Go Teddy!”s reporter Ann La Mar. And no doubt that some of them will inspire me to new portraits.

These ones today are really a weird mix of races and I love it. As Coco Nofrio – Truffle McFurry’s cousin from the USA) so beautifully commented to the first Moor Bear painting I presented in “Go Teddy!” some days ago:

“Such a fabulous variety of Teddy Bears! What’s especially wonderful is that they are all different colors and they don’t care! They are all friends that enjoy each other for who they are on the “inside.” A lesson some humans still need to learn. Tanti baci!”

Coco Nofrio, you are SO right!

The Bears From The Moor 03 S


One thought on “The Bears From The Yorkshire Moor 03

  1. Ciao Truffle – Grazie for putting my words and my name in print! I feel like a star! I wish I could join you in the UK for the picnic! Please don’t eat the “Gummie Bears!” Do you even have “Gummie Bears” in Spain and the UK? They are little sticky candies shaped like a (“YIKES”) Bear!
    Tanti baci!!! Coco Nofrio


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