Dory The Fish And The Teddy Bear

By Kev Le Chat

(Illustration based on a photograph by “Go Teddy!”‘s reporter Kev Le Chat)


Mmm….” thought Dory, ” I’m going to swim, swim, swim down to the
bottom of the ocean today

Halfway down, she wondered what she was doing there, and very nearly turned
around and headed back up where the shafts of sunlight pierced the deep blue like tiny daggers…

….but something had caught her fishy eye down in the depths…a small figure..
It seemed to be waving at her…

So she swam and swam, and the small figure came into wasn’t really waving,
It was the gentle currents on the ocean floor making its arm move to and fro.

She got a little bit excited then, it was orange and white striped, was it her friend Nemo??

No! She swam closer and saw that it was a Teddy bear wearing an orange and white striped hoodie – which made him look just like her friend! Now, Dory didn’t really know what a teddy bear was, and even if you told her, she would forget almost immediately, but she DID think it was cute!

She swam alongside his soggy fur, and he gurgled “I can’t really drown, but I would really like to get back to the surface and let the sunshine dry my fur

Okay!” Said Dory, “I can do that! let’s swim, swim swim together!
So Dory helped the teddy off the ocean floor and they headed for the surface where the sunshine sparkled like diamonds.
What do you want?” Asked Dory suddenly when they were halfway there.
Err…” Said the confused bear. He didn’t realise fish had short memories, and Dory’s was shorter than most. But as it transpired, Dory even forgot that she’d forgotten who he was and continued to swim to the surface. Eventually, they emerged into the sunlight, Dory splashing and jumping in and out of the waves.

She nudged the little soggy bear to a nearby beach, and they spent many happy days with Dory playing in the surf and teddy sunbathing and diving in and out of the ocean.

Surely there has never been a more unlikely pair of friends, or indeed a happier one!


Dory The Fish And Her Teddy Bear S.jpg


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