The Bears From The Yorkshire Moor 04

By Truffle McFurry

(Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom based on a photograph by “Go Teddy!” s reporter Ann La Mar)

Hallo my dear Teddy bear friends, here is Truffle writing!

The other day, our lovely Ann La Mar went on a mission in the Yorkshire Moor again, chasing with her camera these amazing Moor Bears. She had gone there already, some weeks ago, and had sent us such fabulous photos, my Mom Miki had painted all these bears with such a pleasure!

She did it again! What a treat to find all these bears in my mail box! It is every time like Christmas, a big happy feast with many twinkling lights in our eyes!

Now, this time she sent us a green bear on an amazing tractor! I had never seen before a bear on a tractor! You know, I am a bear, but I am a boy too, and like all boys, I love all these machines with wheels! The cars, the bikes, the skate boards, the big American lorries… and the tractors! I wish I had such a one too, like the one from the green Moor Bear… I could drive everywhere with it, I must not stay on the boring grey roads. I might ask my Mom, but sure she will answer again that it is too dangerous for a little bear. But the green bear looks pretty safe to me up there!

Anyway, Miki did that painting of all the new bears, the one on the tractor and the other ones, admiring him passing by. There is much heather in the Moor right now, says Ann la Mar, so Miki painted some in the background… she even painted one of the bear girls as if she was all made of heather! She is so cute! I could fall in love with such a heathering girl bear, me!

In the meanwhile, love you all! Bye!

The Bears From The Moor 04 S





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