Elise And Eloise

By Miki de Goodaboom


On my 2 week Tour of my Teddy Bears Art, I have arrived to the end of stage 3 . After Shakesbear and Napoleon Bearnaparte, the Tour took me to Elise and her grand-Ma Eloise, my two wonderful Settler Bears from Australia.

As I saw that collection on the net, I feel in love with them at once. They look so cute and mental at the same time!  I love their fur, so wild, and so soft. Somehow I recognised myself in them, with my hair always wild, hardly ever able to get combed in the right place, like a real lady should wear her hair,  but following all wind directions at the same time. I just wished it was as soft as theirs!

My Mom call them the “Espeluadas”, a word from her South French dialect. It means something like “with hair all over the place”. She says, there exists no word in French to describe them so accurately. I agree with her.

These two really don’t need hair gel to get their hair all punky!

As Ann La Mar -our  Go Teddy star reporter- saw the painting of Elise and her Grand-Ma Eloise, she wrote:

“… Wow they are beautiful…they look so well together…it is like they are reminiscing and sharing memories…”

They do indeed… and surely they are very exciting memories from their life in Australia!

Elise And Eloise S






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