Aunties Lola De Goodaboom And Fanny De Bearymoore

By  Miki de Goodaboom

(Illustration by Miki de Goodaboom)

As I said it in my previous post about Teddies Lily Lavender and Blessed baby Christine, I fell in love at once with the Boyds bears. I started hunting for them on the net, and found out that there were so many, and so cute! Unfortunately most of them live in the USA, and to get them to Spain, is very expensive. But by birthday was coming these days, and it became a Boyds bear feast!

Here is the first I bought myself. originally called “Auntie Lola Boyds”. I  kept the vorname as I found it very well fitting. Also, her being already of advanced age, she could not get used to a new name. But her family name changed, she is a “De Goodaboom”, like all bears coming from my self. She arrived all the way from the USA, flying all alone in a plane!

The second one is Aunt Fanny Freemont-Boyds, renamed “Auntie Fanny De Bearymoore”, as she was a birthday gift from my partner and “Go Teddy” reporter Kev Moore, alias “Kev le Chat”. She came from the UK.

Now they both live on Planet Goodaboom, and spend their time chatting together, probably telling each other stories from home and from their long life… I wished I could understand their language!

Aunties Lola De Goodaboom And Fanny De Bearymoore S


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