Lord Winston And Duchess Laila

By Miki de Goodaboom (Text and Illustration)

After having introduced you to my first couple of Aristobears,  “Lord Albert and Duchess Alba”, it is today the tour of my second couple, “Lord Winston and Duchess Laila”.  They both come from Wales, which I toured during 10 days on a painting trip in September 2017.

We found Lord Winston in an antique shop in a beautiful town called “Machynlleth”, the day we drove from the North to the South of Wales. He majestuously sat on a red throne, he was simply splendid. I did photographs of him, and then said goodbye. But my partner insisted that I could not leave him there, that I had to adopt him.

“How could I, he is much too big to bring him back home in the plane!”

“I will find a way!”

Well, he found a way. Don’t ask me how he did it, but Lord Winston lives now here with us in Spain. I would love to know about his previous life, with whom and where he lived before he retired in the antique shop.  One important thing I do know about him, as a beautiful booklet is attached to him and tells an illustrated story about him. You would not believe it, considering his aristocrat origin, but he was a Go-Kart driver!!! His friends helped him building a new go-kart and he won the race. He said

“It is good to have friends like that!”

As for Duchess Laila, we found her in a Welsh charity shop, but I don’t remember where exactly. She obviously  is a ballerina, the cutest ballerina ever! As with my first Aristobear couple, it was love at first glance between her and Lord Winston. I was a bit concerned, because of the  age difference, but they both convinced me that love has nothing to do with age. And indeed, they seem so happy together, enjoying also the company of Lord Albert and Duchess Alba! Lord Albert and Lord Winston look so similar somehow, I sometimes wonder if they are brothers…

Lord Winston And Duchess Laila S

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