Clair De Fees

By Truffle McFurry

Hallo Everybody!

I have great news! I am so proud, I will be on the beautiful place called “Clair De Fees”. A “Fee” is a fairy, you know… My Mom and me, we will show there paintings of Teddy bears and other soft creatures from my enchanted world. We will be there with all these other fairies who make such beautiful things!

It is for the French people, but if you love fairies and Teddy bears, you are all invited and I hope you will visit us often there! It does not matter if you don’t understand French, you will understand the images, I am sure!

Be ready to help us all, fairies and teddies, it opens on the 13th of November 2017!

Love you all!



CdF 2017 11 Vitrine Miki


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